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[JYJ | 029.] a random meeting

a random meeting
yoochun/junsu; junsu-centric
393 words
[in sum]: junsu has a moment.
note(s): lol, bad summary. sorry. don't really know what this is, but had a little quick write after listening to IU's "Peach".

a random meeting

Junsu likes to think that he too had had a 'Once upon a time...' - something that drives him crazy with emotions that generally can be described as bliss and longing.

He lies back on the tall swiveling chair in his dressing room. He can feel the sweat and caked stage make-up on his face, but he feels overly calm for some reason. He remembers in the past when he thought a bronze tan and sturdy muscles on the chest were the definition of 'manly'. He chuckles to himself.

The face in the mirror is stark white in contrast to everything else. The reflection reminds him of another pale face, smiling at him with mischief twinkling in those black irises. As his mouth arranges into a mysterious, barely-there smirk, his phone buzzes.

"Speak of the devil..." Junsu thinks.

Then, into the cell he says, "Hi Yoochun."

They make plans to meet at a bar they frequent. Jaejoong hyung calls minutes later and joins in, as do a few other close friends. When Junsu arrives at the meeting place, he's surprised to see one person missing.

"Ya" Jaejoong greets him. "How come the host of the party is the latest?"

Junsu grins.

"You know him, hyung. Better than me."

Jaejoong snorts, already a little buzzed.

"You think that I know that kid better than you, but you think wrong."

As he pulls out a seat, Junsu says, "If we were really kids again..."

Jaejoong stays silent for a moment, then ruffles Junsu's hair.

"Shuddup" Jaejoong tells Junsu. "You're a kid to me."

It's half a beer in when Yoochun finally arrives. Half a beer to Junsu equals a lot of waiting time, but only Jaejoong realizes it. At the moment the door opens, it's Junsu who turns his head first, by chance.

All he sees is pretty long legs striding in. Familiar, non-sock-wearing ankles peek out of slightly short pant legs. The black leather shoes stop in front of Junsu.

"Sorry I'm late" says a voice, deep and laced with amusement. "Wait long?"

Junsu thinks that he might go crazy some day, listening to this voice of his.

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