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[2PM | 032.] though i may not be the one...

though i may not be the one...
wooyoung, junsu, junho, nichkhun centric
2748 words
[in sum]: junho gets dragged to an idol concert by wooyoung, who is a diehard fan of the band "two thirty". "two thirty" consists of taecyeon, nichkhun, and chansung. when wooyoung accidentally meets two thirty in person... wooyoung finds that his idols are real people too. (lame summary is lame.)
note(s): this is something i started writing a long, long time ago (in 2012, omg). i have yet to finish it and honestly, i don't know if it is going to be even finished at all. but i thought i'd post it because i gave it a good amount of thought and it was just rotting away in my writing journal. also, this was written before minjun was minjun, so he is still called junsu. i'm sorry if that bothers anyone. also, there aren't any pairings in this part, but it was planned as a nichkhun/wooyoung, taecyeon/wooyoung, and others involving junho.

also, there is some cursing. excuse moi.

Even from half a block away, Lee Junho can already hear the excited chatter and singing. Junho sinks his head into his hood a little deeper before turning to his best friend Jang Wooyoung.

"Wooyoung-ah, do we really have to do this? Can't you just buy the concert DVD when it comes out?" Junho asks pleadingly.

There is a sharp glance from Wooyoung that made Junho flinch. Briefly stopping his humming, Wooyoung takes his hands out of his pockets and turned to Junho.

"Junho-yah. Best friend Lee Junho?" Wooyoung calls out sweetly. "If I could experience the same live concert through a DVD then why would I have spent twice the money on tickets to drag you to this concert hall? And why would we have had to take the bus and walk instead of splurging to get here on a warm and toasty taxi ride?"

Junho sighs into his jacket zipper.

"But it's so embarrassing..." Junho complains. "I bet we'll be the only guys there."

It turns out Junho is wrong; there are a few other males in the long line that awaits them for the concert. But it also turns out that the others in the queue are boyfriends or brothers who've been strung along by rabid female fans. Junho realizes that the only male excited and smiling while waiting in the cold, outside the concert hall turns out to be none other than Jang Wooyoung.

Junho follows begrudgingly when the line moves along, albeit slowly. Junho's head sinks deeper and deeper into his black windbreaker.

"Yah, why'd you wear that black cap with your ugly black jacket?" asks Wooyoung without much malice, too excited at the idea of seeing his precious idols. "You look like a security guard."

"The better to blend in, my dear" comes Junho's sarcastic reply from within the jacket. "Better than you. You're dressed like a banana."

Wooyoung looks down at his yellow sweater and fingers his yellow studded cap.

"Too much yellow?" Wooyoung asks self-consciously. "But I have red sneakers on."

Junho snorts.

"And with a bit of green you'll look like a human traffic light" teases Junho.

Wooyoung opens his mouth to reply, but the line moves and they're inside of the hall before Wooyoung can retort. Junho's heart plummets as he watches Wooyoung who can hardly stop smiling as the gigantic posters for Wooyoung's favorite boy band, Two Thirty, come into view.


As a young man, Kim Junsu had never thought himself to be very athletic or strong. All he ever wanted to do was sing in the shower and compose all day. So it wasn't a lie when he told his employer that he'd actually never considered the profession of a security guard. But times were tough and he'd been forced to get a part-time job to manage his monthly rent. And when his friend had recommended Junsu for this job, Junsu had kept his mouth shut about his tendency to run away, screaming like a girl, when it got down to trouble and the possibility of getting hurt.

"Remember, you have to be firm even though they're mostly girls" Junsu's co-worker tells him. "I've been doing this for two years now and I've come to know one thing: girls are surprisingly strong when it comes to getting close to their oppas."

Junsu smirks, getting ready to giggle, but the expression on his co-worker's face is dead serious.

"What we have to do is maintain the line" the co-worker continues. "And then, after the concert, we have to make sure the performers get in their van and out of here as fast as they can. That way, the fans leave faster as well. Just maintain the line. It separates them."

Junsu nods, resolved to do as he's told and get the performers out of there so he can go home, wash his feet, and eat some cheese ramen.

"Who's performing tonight?" Junsu asks casually. "Anyone famous?"

The co-worker eyes him worriedly.

"Don't you know? It's Two Thirty's concert tonight. Only the best selling boy band these days. That means extra tough fans."

"Huh" says Junsu, scratching his head underneath the standard issued cap.

He can't help but feel a little jealous. After all, he's going to make it big some day with his compositions. Boy bands are so going out of style...


The roaring of the crowd is so loud, even backstage, that Nichkhun can't hear their manager.

"What?!" Taecyeon yells into everyone's ear.

"One more encore song!!!" the manager yells. "Then we can go!"

Chansung hops up and down, obviously still on his after-concert high.

"One more encore!!!" their manager yells again.

And Nichkhun sighs, allowing himself to be pushed back onto the stage by Taecyeon. Nichkhun is utterly exhausted and his eyes are swimming from the bright flashing lights. But when his feet hit the stage, a shiny smile creeps onto his face. Automatic. They perform a remix of one of their hit songs, "100 Points Out of 100 Points".

Later, fans will recount that Nichkhun of Two Thirty looked calm and collected whilst performing their last encore, that Nichkhun of Two Thirty was taking his time to say hi to all the fans in the crowd. But really, Nichkhun slowly strolls the stage, letting Chansung zip to and fro, letting Taecyeon shout thank you's and good bye's into the microphone, because Nichkhun is fucking tired. If he walks slow enough, maybe he doesn't even have to make it to the end of the platform before the fucking song is over. He doesn't like the fucking remix anyway. The original was better.

He lets one group of older fans, a few yards away, have a wink and flutters his fingers at them from afar. The group screams his name and Nichkhun thinks, "Oh good, now I don't have to walk all the way over there."


"The concert is over" Junho tells Wooyoung.

Wooyoung pats Junho's back reassuringly.

"I know" Wooyoung replies.

The tightly packed mob shuffles a little closer to the nondescript black door, but there are more security guards than Wooyoung had thought there would be.

"So why are we standing here in the freezing cold?!" whines Junho loudly.

Wooyoung smiles apologetically to the girl standing two centimeters away from them. The girl and her group glare at Junho, who looks almost like he wants to cry. Wooyoung grabs Junho's collar and pulls him closer.

"Lee Junho. Don't you dare let them hear you. They're going to push us to the back!"

"Well, good then! We can go home then, can't we?! Come on~ I'm freezing!"

Wooyoung sighs. He feels sorry for Junho. After all, Junho had braved the three hour long concert and had stood with him in line... But Wooyoung was darned if he was going to miss a chance to see the members of Two Thirty close up! He had missed their fan signing event a couple weeks back and after this concert, the boy band was going to stop their promotions to prepare for a new album.

"Let's just wait a few more minutes okay?" Wooyoung coaxes.

Junho sniffs and repeats, "It's cold."

"Why'd you wear that skimpy windbreaker then?" asks Wooyoung. "Here."

Wooyoung takes off his yellow sweater and hands it to Junho.

"Let's switch."

Wooyoung's glad to see that after getting a little warmer, Junho is more receptive to waiting in this mob of girls.

"Some girl's pushing up on me" Junho giggles into Wooyoung's ear.

Wooyoung rolls his eyes behind Junho's back. At least Junho seems to be in a better mood, Wooyoung thinks. But when thirty minutes pass and the boy band still hasn't made an appearance, there are whispers in the crowd about a decoy and another exit and that the boy band has already left long since. Junho's expression gets dark again and Wooyoung links arms with Junho.

"Hey, now that I don't look like a banana, I look more like a traffic light, right?" Wooyoung says, trying to cheer Junho up. "If I only had a green belt..."

"You look more like a boy band back dancer. And speaking of boy bands, why aren't they coming out?!"

But the last of Junho's complaints are drowned out by the steady rising of squeals and screams from the front of the mob. The black door opens. And forgetting about Junho entirely, Wooyoung leans forward to get a better look.


Junsu braces himself and tries not to cringe when the crowd of fans standing at the back door press into the security tape and Junsu's own back. Someone steps on his foot. Hard. With heels.

"Stay clear please" Junsu says through his teeth, but all he gets is screams in his ear and more eager shoves to his body.

The so-called idols, on the other hand, are looking bored, tossing their hair and hiding behind the backs of what Junsu assumes to be managers and style coordinators. There are a group of back dancers too, who exit through the back door; they beeline toward their own van. It zips away without much fuss from the fans. Once the back dancers are out of the way, the fans seem to crowd inward with even more force. Junsu loses his balance, causing his security-guard cap to block his vision for a split second.

When he finally takes the offending thing off his head, he sees a white-faced boy with his face pressed into one of the idols' backs. Junsu frowns because he hasn't noticed this boy until the present moment. Now, he has never been a fan of Two Thirty; heck, he hadn't even made a point to check out how many people there were in this Two Thirty boy band. He regrets this now.

For some reason, the lithe body and fresh-faced boy does kind of look like kpop idol material. But then again, there's the fact that the boy is short, about as tall as Junsu is. There is also the fact that the boy is wearing something that makes him look like a human traffic light. But again, there were many celebrities these days who didn't know fashion like Kim Junsu did.

Junsu frowns again. The boy seems to flounder and sway at the intensity of the crowd. Junsu decides to take matters into his own hands as Two Thirty's van finally opens and the idols rush in.

"Go on then" Junsu yells above the screaming.

The white-faced boy clutches at his own windbreaker sleeves and doesn't move. Junsu sighs and prods the boy in his side. Is this boy a new addition or something? A rookie? An outcast in his own group?

"Get in the car!" Junsu yells again.

The boy squeaks something in response, but Junsu can't really hear that well with the fans going wild. Before the van's door closes shut, Junsu shoves the hesitant boy in. The van is already revved and ready to go. Once the door slams shut, the van is off and Junsu is relieved that it's over.

"Alright, everyone go home. Concert is over!" Junsu shouts to the crowd.

He catches his co-worker's eye. They smile at one another tiredly, but happily. They've finished their job. They can go home now. A job well done, Junsu thinks.


It was one of Wooyoung's guilty pleasures to watch sappy romantic dramas in the dead of the night, hugging a pillow and cocooned in a snuggly blanket. He knew all the ridiculous situations that the female leads got themselves into weren't real. No one really gets themselves into situations like in romantic comedies. Wooyoung knows this.

And yet...

He finds that perhaps, dramas aren't so far-fetched after all. Because, when Wooyoung comes to his senses after being roughly shoved into a moving van, Wooyoung finds himself at eye level with Taecyeon's crotch.

Taecyeon of Two Thirty, thinks Wooyoung.

The thought is there but he finds his brain cannot process it very well. The thought just floats there in the back of his head until he's shoved to the side. This forces Wooyoung to realize that he is no longer face-planted in Taecyeon's crotch. The situation is ridiculous and Wooyoung knows it. But what is even more impossible is that no one has said anything about his presence in Two Thirty's van. Taecyeon, Wooyoung notes, is looking very tired and about to fall asleep.

Perhaps that's why? wonders Wooyoung.

And Wooyoung, when he turns his head, discovers he is now sitting in Chansung's lap. Now, Wooyoung, who's least favorite member had always been Chansung ("I don't know why. There's a funny, zoned out look to him."), is no longer flustered but very put out because Chansung stares into Wooyoung's eyes like a fascinating new toy.

"Um. Excuse me" says Wooyoung, trying to regain his personal space and his wits.

But Chansung keeps on staring and after massaging Wooyoung's ears a few times and rubbing the top part of Wooyoung's head, Chansung finally says, "Who are you?"

The question ignites the attention of the other two members of Two Thirty, rousing Taecyeon and causing Nichkhun to lean in from the backseat. The stylists have been crammed into the trunk and the manager is driving, not aware of the situation in the back.

"Are you a fan?" asks Taecyeon.

"Are you a reporter?" demands Nichkhun, who's furry brows have knitted together. "A stalker?"

Chansung bounces Wooyoung on his knee affectionately with a playful little smile.

"He's kind of cute. Can we keep him?"

And Wooyoung, surprisingly, is not star-struck, but is too shocked to speak.


Nichkhun was annoyed about many things. He hadn't had time to fully remove his make-up after the concert. The coordi's had been too busy trying to find Taecyeon's wallet and phone because the blithering fool had misplaced them yet again. He was annoyed at the way Chansung was zoning out with his mouth open as they made their way to the van even though Nichkhun had explained very carefully that they had to maintain their wits when in a mob of fans like the one that had been waiting for them at the back door. And when they finally get into the van, Nichkhun finds himself once again annoyed by the fact that he has been unceremoniously shoved into the backseat by Taecyeon.

So it comes as another quite annoying shock when, as Nichkhun was trying to burn holes into the back of Taecyeon's head for stealing his seat, hears an unfamiliar voice breaking the silence inside their van.

"Um. Excuse me."

The voice is not timid, but pretty distinct. It's not unpleasant, but the unfamiliarity of the tone makes Nichkhun's eyes whip toward the source. He finds the owner of the voice to be a pale faced boy sitting on Chansung's knee. Nichkhun grimaces. Here it goes again, he thinks.

"Are you a fan?" Taecyeon asks first.

But the shocked look in the boy's eyes betrays nothing like an answer.

"Are you a reporter?" Nichkhun asks, because that is the only other thing that's possible.

Here was a quite young, probably rookie reporter who couldn't believe he had actually infiltrated his way into Two Thirty's van.

"A stalker?" Nichkhun asks again when there is no reply.

But as Chansung talks nonsense about keeping the boy as a pet of some sort, Nichkhun can see the boy opening and closing his mouth like some goldfish.

"Um. I'm Taecyeon" says Taecyeon to the boy, holding out a hand.

Leave it to Taecyeon to start with formal introductions with a stranger, Nichkhun thinks, rolling his eyes. But it seems to work. The boy slowly blinks and reaches to take Taecyeon's hand.

"Wooyoung" the boy breathes as if in awe. "I'm Wooyoung. Jang Wooyoung. And I know who you are. I'm your biggest fan."

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